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Thank you for visiting Bear Naked South Florida.  About 40 men from over 65 countries (Out of 191 in the UN) visit this website each day.  The countries with the greatest number of visitors are United States, Canada, Japan, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Italy, UK, France, and Australia.   If you want to be on our member email list and be invited to Club Parties, please complete the Invitation/Join Form at the end.  On average, 33 hot guys join the club every month.  In the past five years the E-Mail membership has tripled to about 3,000 and typical party attendance is about 100 naked men.  Suggested donation for each party is $20.00 per person. 

Currently, parties are held at Wyndamar guest house in Ft. Lauderdale on the second saturaday of each month.  The guest house in Ft. Lauderdale has a heated pool, lots of open space and a very nice play room.  Everyone is excited about this new location for our Ft. Lauderdale parties.  Chinese food, chicken, sushi, fresh fruit, and lots of pizza are provided at each party.  We have had many great comments from both local and out of town guests that the parties are great, the men extremely hot, and the food good.  Because all the members continue to bring friends to the parties, attendance continues to grow and there are lots of new faces every month.

Bear Naked welcomes all gay men.  This is a NAKED CLUB and those attending parties are expected to shed their clothes and be natural.  To join and be invited to parties, complete the information at the blue Invitation/Join Club Form at the end below.  Thanks to the great men who attend the parties, the diversity of men is a great turn on to almost everyone.


Bear Naked South Florida was formerly known as South Florida Bears. It was started in 1993, it was the first bear club to be featured in the premier issue American Bear Magazine in 1994.


The name of the club was changed in 2001 to Bear Naked South Florida to better represent the nature of the Club. This is a club for Bears and their admirers, including, of course, cubs, wolves, otters, hunters, and really everyone. The purpose of the club is to provide opportunities for gay men as club members and guests to gather and meet others in a naked environment. Bear Naked South Florida is a private club for gay men.


The club is organized so as many men will cum to the parties as possible.  There is no membership fee.  Everyone who is interested and so requests will be placed on the invite list as a member and will be notified of each party.  All members will receive the Club Newsletter by email. All members will be able to invite other gay men as guests to parties and sponsor them to be placed on the invite list.   We anticipate that everyone will donate approximately $15 for each party they attend for the space, snacks, and soft drinks and costs of operating the club.  The Club holds monthly play parties.  Locations will include guest houses, Inns, private residences, and other venues of interest.


This is a private club for gay men.  The public is not notified of parties and is not allowed in.  The information provided is confidential to the club (not made available to anyone else) and necessary to protect the Club's legal status as a PRIVATE CLUB.  You must be a club member or a guest of a member to attend any party.  If you are interested in being invited to a party and being placed on the invite list, please fill out the following form, your information will be sent via e-mail. 

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Bear Bust:  As many of you know, this is probably the largest Bear gathering in the world.

Bear Pride  In Chicago over Memorial Day Weekend.  A very good time.

Bears in Paradise .  A very good time.